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Today Onwell is a company that manufactures every part of its high-technology insect screens, mesh, window and doors.

Retractable Screen Technology

Window & Door Screens

Onwell Curtain & Screen is a professional manufacturer of retractable insect screen technology and supplies complete window and door screen systems both domestically and internationally.

Since our beginnings in 1995, Onwell has been synonymous with top-quality products, innovation and first-class customer service. Not only are our retractable screens the easiest to install or adjust on any structure, they’re the strongest, most reliable, and most durable.

Our Products
良展摺疊紗門窗系列 - 井美無縫摺紗系列
Jing Mei System
  • Seamless track design
  • 3 fold layered mesh
  • Lower track reduced height
  • Door and window magnetic strips 
EZslide System
  • Caterpillar track design
  • 3 fold layered mesh
  • Low profile bottom rail
  • Barrier free access
Zip System
  • Auto retractable spring design
  • 3 fold layered mesh
  • One Touch Latch
  • Speed adjustment mechanism 
3/1 Storm Door System
  • Retractable screen & glass door
  • Stainless steel handle
  • Heavy duty anti-theft lock
  • Pull & hold Switch 

OEM/ODM Services

Our international export division currently supplies retractable screen technology to many of the world’s best-known window and door manufacturers. These manufacturers look to Onwell for their privately labeled retractable screen solutions.

From R&D, design, testing, manufacturing, quality inspection to packaging, We have complete control of the production process . All the parts that we supply are made to the exact original equipment specifications of the window and door manufactures. We are dedicated to supplying our customers with the highest quality products with the fastest possible service and competitive pricing.

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